Carlsbad, California
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Based on my experience, my opinion is

Nicole M. Gagliardi should never be hired by anyone.

Beware. She is absolutely UNPROFESSIONAL. She is unclear that the term 'mediator' indicates she is to conduct herself in an unbiased manner, not taking sides with either party. She has a desperate need for attention.

Any flirtation will blind her to the motive behind the flirtation. She suggested that I should accept the greatly reduced amount of alimony being offered by my ex who would always smile at her. When I asked her why I should accept so much less, she replied by telling me that my ex and I were "best friends"! He and I managed to be cordial in her presence.

That did not make us 'best friends'. I did not feel the need to explain to her that for 31 years he had been verbally and emotionally abusive. Twice the police came for his domestic violence. Once he was arrested on felony charges.

She assumed that because he smiled at her, he must be a great guy. She told me that pursuing what the state calculated was fair, was somehow not fair to my ex in her opinion and that she was disappointed in me for being 'that kind of woman'.

After dedicating myself to raising children, taking care of the household, the bills and the animals while the ex accelerated his career, what kind of woman is she suggesting I am?

She is unremorseful and has even made false claims that I did not work after my children came of age. She is willing to falsely defame her clients if they don't agree. She left screaming voice mails threatening to sue me for posting my experience and opinion.

When she discovered I was not agreeing to obtain her services, she retaliated with a text saying that my ex will be retaining the attorney that she recommended.

Why did she not recommend an attorney for me?

Nicole M. Gagliardi does not understand the fiduciary duty a 'mediator' has to remain neutral for both parties.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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